Thursday, March 30, 2017

Out and about in my town

I have had my camera with me every day for the past three weeks, and have taken countless photos of places I have been, including trips to two different museums, and three workshops.  But I will save these for another time, because spring has finally arrived in my area. 

And of course, the weather has now turned bad and I am sick as a dog.

After awhile, I got tired of taking photos of gated communities and their various walls.

I was truly hoping for some great springtime shots.

It was then that I realized I had to shoot outside the walls.

Here was a community that was not gated, but blocked from prying eyes by block walls.

This is another community that doesn't have a gate you have to pass through to enter.

I love how these walkways meander among the flowering trees.

Believe it or not, these grasses don't change to green, but stay brown.

I've never much cared for the way this development landscaped their area.

But at least you see we've nearly reached our destination.

Thanks for joining me today as I shared photos of springtime in my city.

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

A visit to Rhodes, Greece

I'm once again joining Yvonne at Meggy's Way, this month's host at Art Journal Journey with her theme of Out and About.  We are still in Greece, as the title of the post assures.

Today we are visiting Rhodes, often referred to as the Island of the Knights.

The island of Rhodes' largest city is also named Rhodes.  I have learned that many of these islands have cities with the same name as the island. While in Rhodes, you can also visit the city of Lindos with its acropolis, where we visited several days ago.

These windmills sit near the Aegean Sea, which can be seen in the background.  This is a big tourist attraction.

I believe the lighting was better in the photo above, but this is the Gate d'Amboise in the Old Town section in the city of Rhodes. 

I think this is an even better photo of the Gate.

This is a better view of the windmills taken from the water. 

These are the ruins of the Apollo temple at the Acropolis of Rhodes.

I got the feeling this altered book entry had started to feel like a scrapbook page.

Besides trying to make a banner (or is it bunting?) using washi tape, I used some of my handmade baker's twine I made during April last year.

I created this on a piece of heavy cardboard, because I used a lot of paint and wasn't sure a used file folder would hold up to so much paint.  I had four images of Rhodes (the city) I found in various travel magazines.  I backed them with black card stock.  I strung handmade bakers twine across the bottom of the page to which I added washi tape.  I got a bit carried away crimping the tape to cut the dove tails, which ruined the effect, I fear.   No matter how hard I tried, I couldn't get the washi tape to lie flat or straighten out again.  Learn from my mistake, please.

Thanks for visiting today.  I am most grateful.  Now let's head to Art Journal Journey to see where others take us today.

Monday, March 27, 2017

T Stands for my foodie friend Sally's birthday

Before we begin today, I want to comment on both Deb's and Divers and Sundry's T posts last week.  They were both outside the box, and both unconventional.  I was totally impressed, and always appreciate when there is an unexpected and unique way of expressing your drink.  If you didn't see their posts, you missed two wonderful ones.  And both were very different, too.

Now, please join me at home as I prepare for Sally's birthday on Tuesday.  Remember. it's still Monday in my world because of that pesky international dateline that breaks time zones into 24 hour segments.

Maybe not as much fun as others' posts might be, but I bought this cake for Sally on Saturday, to celebrate her birthday.

I found some stretchy lace, wrapped the container,

and tied a candle to it.  Then I took it to her on Sunday and sang the birthday song to her.

Fast forward to Monday morning and I'm getting ready to wrap her gift. 

I will give it to her at whatever restaurant she chooses on Tuesday (28 Mar, 2017).

It's one of those adult coloring books.  

Seems she's one of those weirdos who likes to color between the lines.  This book will keep her company and give her lots of opportunities to practice.  The only thing I didn't like about it is (well, other than the fact I think doodling and coloring are not my cup of tea OR coffee) the book pages don't lie flat.

So what's in my cup, you ask.

This beautiful and incredibly unique tag

was sent to me by my friend Valerie, a great participant in this weekly meeting.

A few up close and personal shots.

Now it's your turn to share your post.  The rules are extremely simple.  Your drink related post may be anything from a photo of a glass, cup, or mug, to an actual drink, or even a sketch or a digital, hybrid, or traditional page in your scrapbook, art journal, or altered book.  Maybe you'd prefer to share a tag, or photography.  You might choose a postcard or decorated card.  Or perhaps you prefer to review a place you visited, a movie or book.  It makes no difference as long as it's drink related.  And don't forget that the more unique and outside the box it is, the better I like it.  Please tie it back here, and please link only to your post, not your entire blog.  When you link, Bleubeard, the T gang, and I will be by to visit.   Bleubeard would also like to remind you that your photos may be taken any time, even months ago, if you choose.
Please don't forget to have your Second on the 2nd ready.  It can be any post you choose, as long as it's one you have shown in the past.